“Making change Happen!”

Phase 1 of your Smoking Cessation Program

Here are some ideas for this page
  1. Reducing biological stress
  2. Reducing mental/emotional stress
  3. Understanding the process of change
  4. Managing discomfort associated with change
  5. Success during imperfect conditions
  6. Gradual cutting down vs Sudden stop
  7. Conscious willpower vs unconscious programing
  8. Glass half full or half empty?
  9. How to listen to MP3
  10. Vitamins to purchase
  11. Drink more water
  12. Gradually reduce coffee
  13. Practice deep breathing
  14. Dealing with cravings
  15. 90% biological craving - 10% mental habit
  16. Past failures do not apply: have you ever done this program before?
  17. It's natural to be a non-smoker - you were born that way.
  18. Stare down your cravings - mindfulness approach
  19. Take time off / change environment - if you can
  20. Choose your stop smoking date (close not far)
  21. Body is fully detoxed in 3-4 days - biologically no cravings.
  22. How to listen to the MP3
  23. R.A.S. Conscious reminders - where is your focus
  24. How to use will power.
  25. Reduce smoking during phase 1 (if you want to)
  26. Answer these questions: strategies for when you have cravings (visit a friend, drink water, chew gum etc) (actual hypnosis script embedding these natural unconscious triggers. (conscious or unconscious as needed)
  27. Identity.  Assume the identity of a non-smoker.
  28. Explain: Imagination, make believe, pretend, your unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a real event and an imagined event. (give scientific examples)
  29. You might quit in first phase. You might quit in 2nd phase. You might quit in 3rd phase.
  30. Watch RAS & Fear video daily
NLP: Dock on the bay. Video explaining how it works. Practice sessions. Then, when it is time to do it for real, turn on this MP3 (with brainwave entrainment) and follow along. This is a form of self hypnosis using your body - kinesthetic.  Need to be relaxed in a positive state. How to get into positive state: body posture, standing victory. Sitting straight. legs apart - arms appart (wear pants).  Watch TED talk on body posture.
Custom hypnosis recording: unconscious triggers, solutions.